Advertising at Tokyo Haneda Airport

Advertising at Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND), we can help you deliver a first-class advertising campaign direct to the people who matter to you.

4.5 Billion Air Passengers Worldwide

80% of Passengers Notice Airport Advertising

45% of Passengers Are Business Travelers

90 Minutes Average Dwell Time

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About Tokyo Haneda Airport

Tokyo Haneda Airport, strategically positioned as a major gateway to Japan, offers advertisers a lucrative platform due to its high passenger traffic and central location. As one of the busiest airports in Asia, Haneda provides exposure to a vast, continuous stream of travelers from all corners of the globe. This international and domestic blend of passengers ensures a diverse audience for advertising campaigns, ranging from luxury shoppers to business executives, all within a high-frequency environment.

The airport's modern infrastructure and commitment to providing a seamless travel experience create an inviting atmosphere for advertisers. Its terminals are equipped with the latest digital signage and multimedia displays, strategically placed in high-traffic areas such as the arrivals hall, departure gates, and baggage claim areas. These placements ensure maximum visibility for ads, engaging passengers during wait times and transit, which are prime moments for influencing consumer behavior.

Tokyo Haneda Airport Advertising

High Engagement

Tokyo Haneda's reputation for efficiency and quality enhances the effectiveness of advertising within its premises.

The airport’s environment is perceived as trustworthy and prestigious, which can significantly boost the perceived value and credibility of the brands advertised there.

Coupled with targeted advertising technologies that cater messages to specific demographics and interests, advertisers at Haneda can achieve highly effective engagement and conversion rates, making it a premier choice for both local and international marketing campaigns.

Diverse Advertising Formats

Airports offer a wide range of OOH advertising formats to suit various objectives and budgets.

These include digital displays, billboards, experiential installations, baggage claim ads, airport lounges, and sponsorship opportunities.

With advancements in technology, digital screens and interactive displays have become more prevalent, allowing for dynamic and engaging advertisements.

Affluent Audience

Airports attract a desirable demographic of affluent and business-oriented travellers.

According to a survey by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), over 45% of passengers are business travelers, and they tend to have higher incomes and spending power.

This makes airports an ideal environment for advertisers targeting affluent consumers. Business lounges offer a great way to reach travellers, with high dwell time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tokyo Haneda Airport Advertising

We understand that airport advertising can be a powerful way to reach a large and diverse audience, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. That's why we've put together this page to answer some of the most common questions about bus advertising.

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